Rates, Real Estate, and Recession

About this event

Have you been wondering where the market is headed? During a recent webinar, Brian dove deep into information to help you as a Real Estate Agent explain:

  • Where current market conditions seem to be taking us
  • How to talk to clients, family, and friends about the market shift
  • How to alleviate the fear that many of your clients may feel from watching the news or talking to uninformed agents

Watch the Webinar

On Wednesday, October 5th, the excellent lending team from NEO Home Loans provided a breakdown of what to expect over the next 12 months with rates and real estate, and how we can better understand the recession we are in. As Brian would say, get ready to put your nerd hat on!

Meet the Event Host

As a Certified Mortgage Advisor, my priority is to know my clients’ goals and dreams in order to help my clients make strategic financial decisions. I strive to ensure that the home buying process is fun, easy, and stress-free. My clients can count on me when they have a question or concern.

-Bryan McKee

View Previous Webinar

This past Thursday, Sekou Pyle joined us for a Mastermind discussion on how to generate a deal a day, regardless of what is happening in the market. Just over 70 agents attended…<Click To Read More>

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