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eXp Realty is one of the world’s fastest-growing real estate brokerages. We are breaking boundaries through our highly competitive compensation packages, our unique cloud-based model and our global community of agents, leadership, and partners.

An Outside Review

I joined eXp in 2020, just as nearly everyone in the US was beginning to stay home and quarantine themselves, bracing for a global pandemic. Before I made the move, I was a new agent at a very well-established (and very large) real estate brokerage. Even though “training was available” at the brokerage, I was largely left on my own to figure out how to survive in the industry. Thankfully, an eXp agent in Maryville, TN reached out to me and explained how eXp’s model was a complete game-changer for her and her partner.

A Word From The Founder

I honestly believe there is no way I would have survived as a new agent without the numerous free training events that take place LIVE every day in the virtual world that eXp provides for all of their agents. This virtual World provided me with direct access to a state broker, comradery with agents from around the globe, and real-time training by absolute real estate professionals.

Grant Cardone “this guy is going to crush you if you don’t change!”

Today, my goals in real estate have very little to do with finding new clients or getting homes bought and sold, even though I am a licensed agent. With eXp and the Our Home of eXp Realty team in Knoxville, I am able to focus on what I do best, coaching and developing agents as they either enter the real estate world for the first time or as they realize they need additional training/support because they have only been told how to attempt to survive, but not actually taught how to actually thrive in the industry.

Then vs. Now (move the slider)

Yes, I am being silly with the whole slider thing above, BUT making eXp Realty my home ABSOLUTELY changed my life and allowed me to find my perfect place in the real estate world. Learn about the 5 Key differences Between a Real Estate Coach and Asking Advice from Your Team Leader.

Need a Coach?

Whether you are looking to join eXp Realty or just need some general advice on life and business, I am available for you. No need to figure everything out alone. Contact Me Today

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