Build A Business That Works While You Sleep

On Thursday, October 6th, Hollie Kitchens and Nick Krem hosted a webinar that covered 11 Ways To Establish Authority in your market. The DIY approach that was shared should enable you to incorporate low and NO-cost aspects into your Real Estate marketing plan that allow you to Build A Busines That Works When You Sleep! If you were not able to join in the conversation live, click on the video below to watch the recap. Feel free to reach out to me, Phil Tyre, Development Coach at Our Home of EXP Realty with any questions about the content or to just talk shop concerning your specific Real Estate Busines.


The Details

During this virtual mastermind, Hollie Kitchens shares with us:

✅11 Effective Ways To Establish Authority RIGHT NOW!!
✅ Specific Techniques That Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd
✅ How To Build a Brand That Is Respected And Known!
✅ How To DIY Your Way To A Successful Brand AND MORE!!

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